How to tell if your projector needs cleaning:

Project a light, bright image (some projectors also have a menu option for a test screen, this will work too), and move the focus control through its full range. If you see dark, fuzzy spots come in and out of focus that are not part of the image, this is indicative of dust on the optics. The optical surfaces in most projectors are physically very small, and a few spots of dust can significantly reduce the light output.

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Projector Repairs

AVSS Ltd are one of the UK's leading Projector maintenance and repair specialists, offering years of experience and in depth knowledge about projectors that stand us out from the crowd.


All repairs are carried out in our workshop by AVSS employed engineers. As we do not sub contract you can be assured all repairs are of a high quality and fully tested prior to being returned to the customer.

All of our fully trained engineers have a minimum of 15 years experience in the projector repair industry and there is not much they have not seen.


We will diagnose the problem for you as soon as we can and supply you with a repair estimate for the work that would need to be done. While repairing your Projector we will also carry out an internal service to remove dust and debris from even the deepest darkest parts of the machine to ensure that it comes back to you in optimum condition!

We undertake the repair of nearly all faults when possible these include power supply failures, ballast repairs, bulb replacements, colour wheel replacements, light guide repair DMD chip replacement and dust cleaning etc.

Projector Servicing

Has your Projector stopped working Just before that important meeting?

From interactive classrooms to retail display, training centres, integrated boardrooms and much more, we will provide the right solution every time.

That is why AVSS believe in prevention being better than cure and offer a top quality maintenance service to keep all your projector applications in top condition with servicing, maintenance and projector repairs wherever necessary.

Projected images can appear dull and discoloured over time and users don’t always notice this with such frequent use. This is where AVSS projector repair and maintenance comes in. It can be a mere dust build up that is causing a problem and regular maintenance ensures that your projector does not suffer any downtime.

On Site

At you convenience an engineer will visit and fully service each projector to ensure it is performing at its optimum.

All projectors require routine cleaning. Our Basic Preventive Maintenance Service takes the worry out of projector ownership.

Servicing - Key Benefits:

  • Extend the life of your projector & lamp
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Avoid costly repairs
  • Service performed at your convenience
  • Brighten up your presentation

Services Performed:

  • Clean LCD / DLP panel(s)
  • Clean air filter
  • Multi-point Inspection
  • Full Quality Testing which involves the following:
  • Removal of contamination from optics
  • Confirm convergence of LCD panels
  • Verify colour quality
  • Test all inputs: audio, video and computer imaging
  • Check keypad for full functionally
  • Check focus and zoom function of the lens